Join Our Dental Care Plan

Join Pure Plan, our dental membership scheme, and pay just £11.99 a month for all of your routine dental care.

Tooth Doctor Pure Plan is a dental care membership that reduces the cost of your dental treatments and allows you to spread dental fees throughout the year.

With easy-to-manage monthly instalments, Pure Plan makes high-quality dental care accessible and budget-friendly. Rather than paying the full cost of routine dental appointments upfront, you can pay just £11.99 each month.

What’s Included in Pure Plan?

Members of our dental care plan don’t have to worry about unexpected dental fees, as Pure Plan includes all of your routine dental appointments. Here’s a breakdown of exactly what each annual membership includes.

Why Join Our Pure Plan Dental Care Membership?

Attend Regular Check-Ups without Worrying about Finance

The upfront cost of dental care can cause patients to put off visiting the dentist. But with Pure Plan, you’ll spread the cost of routine appointments, and when the time comes for your dental examinations or hygiene treatments, you won’t pay anything on the day.

Prevent Dental Issues

Your included dental examinations reduce the risk of a dental problem developing — with regular check-ups your dentist is more likely to catch dental problems in their early stages when they’re most treatable. As well as making sure your pearly whites and gums are healthy, they’ll take a look at your oral and overall health, checking for signs of oral cancer.

Receive Discounts on Non-Routine Treatments

If you need a non-routine dental treatment, your dental membership includes a 10% discount on a range of general dental treatments. Whether you need a filling, a root canal treatment, or you need to restore your smile with a crown or bridge, Pure Plan makes these treatments more affordable.

How Much Can You Save with a Dental Care Plan?

Our dental care plan will save you over £100 across your routine dental appointments, x-rays and any emergency dental consultations you need. If you need any further dental treatments, you’ll benefit from even bigger savings, with a 10% discount.

Here’s a breakdown of how much you can save with Tooth Doctor’s Pure Plan.

BenefitsPrivate pay as you go costMembership cost
Total Cost£245.00£11.99 per month
Dental Examinations x 2£50.00Inclusive
Hygiene Appointments x 2£90.00Inclusive
Dental X-Rays x 4£60.00Inclusive
Emergency Consultation x 1£45.00Inclusive
TreatmentPrivate CostMembership Cost
Composite Filling£79.00£71.10
Root Canal£295.00£265.50
Denture (Acrylic)£299.00£269.10
Denture (Metallic)£599.00£539.10

* Some specialist and complex treatments may be excluded from discounts

Who Can Join Pure Plan?

Anyone can join our dental membership, regardless of age or dental health. Children over 10 years old can join Pure Plan for just £5.99 per month and receive two free dental examinations and one hygiene appointment per year. The children’s Pure Plan also includes 10% off of orthodontic treatments and 50% off of fillings and extractions.


£1199per month
  • 2 Dental Examinations per year
  • Oral Cancer screening
  • Free Periodontal health check
  • 2 Hygiene Treatments per year
  • Complimentary Dental X-Rays (up to 4 per year)
  • 10% reduction in cosmetic and private dental treatment

Become a Member Today

A dental membership with Tooth Doctor can lead to a healthier mouth and a beautiful smile. And with the cost of your routine dental appointments spread throughout the year, high-quality, private dental care is much more affordable. So if you’re ready to join Pure Plan and save on your dentist appointments and treatments, get in touch with our friendly team today.