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Transform Your Smile With A Mini Smile Makeover

Give your teeth the attention they deserve with our Mini Smile Makeover. This package combines teeth whitening, stain removal, and cosmetic contouring.

A Mini Smile Makeover is the perfect way to improve your smile without breaking the bank. With this treatment, you can achieve a smile that’s whiter, brighter and beautifully shaped.

With state-of-the-art dental equipment, we can achieve stunning results in just a single dentist visit. The toughest of stains can be quickly removed, creating a blank canvas for teeth whitening. But the Mini Smile Makeover goes beyond just making your smile whiter and brighter. With cosmetic contouring, your teeth can look straighter and more shapely.

The Mini Smile Makeover Process in 4 Steps

The Benefits of a Mini Smile Makeover

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Spread the Cost With Our 0% Flexible Payment Plans

At Tooth Doctor, we aim to provide high-quality, private dental care that’s affordable for all. Our flexible payment plans mean you can spread the cost of your Mini Smile Makeover over several months or years. And with 0% interest, you won’t pay any extra to spread the cost of your treatment.

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Take Advantage of Our Introductory Offer

The Mini Smile Makeover is a new treatment offered at Tooth Doctor, so we’re offering an introductory offer, making this treatment even more affordable. Reduced from £1200, you can now transform your smile from just £999.

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If you’re ready to book your Mini Smile Makeover, or you want to learn more about the treatment, get in touch today. Our friendly team are always happy to help.

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There are many reasons for cosmetic contouring. Often your lower teeth can be a little bit crooked, and filing the tips of them along the biting edge can make them look straighter. Or you might just have one tooth that is longer than the other, and it ruins the look of your smile. Even if you would just like the shapes of your teeth to be more rounded, this reshaping is ideal.

Mini-smile makeovers are perfectly suited to people with mildly crooked teeth or a misshaped tooth, small gaps or teeth that are discoloured, but otherwise healthy and unrestored. The makeover is designed to remove stains, shape and whiten the teeth. 

You should not need to come back as the cosmetic contouring is a permanent treatment. Any additional staining to your teeth, may need further treatment however or you may wish to top up on your whitening. 

No. The treatment is a pain-free, minimally invasive treatment and does not need any injections. 

We have an introductory offer at the moment and offering the Mini Smile Makeover from £999 reduced from £1200. You can also pay this on our finance plan starting from £25 per month. To view our fees and finance options, click HERE.